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What we do?

We put the power back into communications by finding new ways for people to interact. We do this by developing our own ideas in-house and by helping other companies develop their IT and computer telephony products via our world-class consultancy division. Large or small, simple or complex it’s all the same to us here at Noakes.


Why we do it?

Noakes is about innovation, we aim to simplify and demystify telephony and internet based communications. At Noakes we have a simple business principle: to use our skills and knowledge to invent and develop new ways for people to communicate. We believe that there are many ways to improve the everyday experiences of anyone who currently uses communications technology; from teenagers to senior citizens and the smallest business to the largest corporation.

Our goal to improve the communication experience stretches beyond Noakes’ own product developments, we are just as passionate in helping other businesses achieve their goals in the IT and computer telephony fields via our world-class consultancy services.

How do we manage it?

At Noakes we have over thirty five years’ experience in the telecommunications and IT sectors. We have accumulated extensive industry and government credentials obtained through a wide range of technical, sales and leadership posts.

This combination of technical expertise coupled with wide ranging business skills gives Noakes a unique perspective on the world of communications, allowing us to offer both first-class consultancy and ground-breaking product lines. Our IT and CTI skills base is extremely broad, please see our skills page for an indicative but not exhaustive sample of some of our capabilities..


Meet the team


Mark Fawcett



Simon Millard


“Mark began in commercial software development whilst still at sixth-form in the North-East of England; this work continued during his time at London University‚Äôs Queen Mary College, where he graduated with a BSc (hons) in Astrophysics.

Mark has used this early experience as the foundation to build an impressive career in communications with over 25 years experience in telecommunications, IT system security and UK government specialist and secure communications work. In his time he has held many positions including Head of Global Professional Services, Chief Architect, System Developer, Department Leader, Project Manager and Head Of MOD Programme Delivery.

Mark is known and respected as a technology innovator, with the rare ability to communicate ideas clearly to both business-focused and technically-driven audiences alike.

Mark co-founded Noakes Ltd in 2010.”

“Simon graduated in Physics from the University of Sheffield and began his career in communications at HMGCC, as a specialist in communications software and digital acoustics.

Simon has spent the last 17 years working within the computer telephony field, and is well known as a speaker on subjects such as SIP, VoIP, SS7 and telephony encryption.

Simon has been responsible for building professional services teams and offerings, and is known as a technology evangelist and thought leader.

Simon is a chartered engineer and has spent much of his career in project management, sales and sales support.

Simon co-founded Noakes Ltd in 2010.”

Contact us

T: 01604 420442
Noakes Ltd,
4 Spencer Parade, Northampton, NN1 5AA, United Kingdom

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