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IVR technology plays a central role in many telecommunications services.

IVR can be used to control almost any function where the interface can be broken down into a series of simple interactions. Examples of typical IVR applications are telephone banking, surveys, televoting, clinical trials, outbound calling and credit card services. IVRs also allow businesses to extend their business hours to 24/7 operation.

Noakes have developed numerous bespoke IVR systems to help service high call volumes, reduce cost and improve the customer experience. All of the essential features are supported and can be blended into the IVR solution you require.

Bespoke IVR solution development

Whether you are looking to switch your current IVR system provider or are looking to launch a new IVR service, we will scope out exactly what you require from a teleconferencing service and build accordingly. We can integrate a wide mix of telephony capabilities into a fully featured IVR service.



  • DTMF
  • Speech recognition
  • TTS
  • Prerecorded voice prompts
  • Call transfer
  • Call recording
  • CLI data capture
  • Multiple numbers, multiple languages
  • Security password
Any essential features missing from the list? Our ‘out-of-the-box’ IVR solution covers all the features required by a standard IVR platform, but the Noakes engine has been designed to handle so much more – just let us know what you need!

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