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Call recording services

Call recording is becoming increasingly important, with technology and legislation changing and working habits becoming more mobile.

Call recording services are being used in a variety of ways: managing customer satisfaction, resolving disputes, demonstrating cFCA and PCI DSS compliance, monitoring quality of service and for training.

Noakes’ active and passive call recording capabilities are supporting a range call recording services in both financial, contact centre and LI environments.

Whether you are looking to switch your current call recording platform provider or are looking to launch a new service, we will scope out exactly what you require from your call recording service and build accordingly.


Active VoIP call recording platform

Active recording involves placing Noakes technology directly into the call flow, usually as a gateway, a man-in-the-middle platform or via a routing diversion. Calls then flow through the Noakes platform onto their usual destinations whilst their audio is then recorded locally or sent out as a ‘third-party’ call to a remote recording station (including in SIP-REC compliant form). Being part of the call flow also means that you can exercise additional management over the calls themselves if required, for instance to specify the format of the audio required, to alter information such as calling-party and so forth.

Passive VoIP call recording platform

Passive call recording is akin to a classic ‘wire-tap’ and can be activated in existing infrastructures via a number of mechanisms, such as port-mirroring on a switch. The passive recording platform thus receives a large stream of duplicated call packets from every call; the clever part is that with Noakes’ technology this complex and mixed stream can then be separated back out into the individual calls and their audio and signalling meta-data recorded as required, all without the need to place any new equipment in the existing call-flow routes.


  • Full, automatic recording
  • Selective recording
  • On-demand recording
  • DTMF
  • Inbound
  • Outbound
  • Playback
  • CLI, DDI data capture
  • Web interface for configuration
  • Local or remote storage
  • G.711, G.723
  • Passive recording to wav file or per-call pcap format packet capture
Any essential features missing from the list? Our call recording solution covers all the features required by a standard call recording platform, but the Noakes engine has been designed to handle so much more – just let us know what you need!

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