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What can Noakes do for me?

So you know the theory but which services can Noakes actually provide for you and your business? The answer is: ‘just about anything you want to do with communications’.

Our primary goal is to provide you, our customer, with a solution that is tailored to your needs; we don’t simply drop you on our platform alongside everybody else. We take the time to listen to your requirements and to produce a solution that will give you what you need to help grow your business; we then host and manage that solution for you on a day-to-day basis.

Due to the flexible design of the Noakes platforms we can, in addition to our cloud-services, offer the same fully provisioned and tailored solutions for installation onto your own cloud or private infrastructure.

Below are a selection of some of the services that we provide to our customers; in each case tailored to their exact needs. The selection below is not comprehensive, if there’s something you need from your communications and you don’t see it below, simply get in touch as we’ll either already have it, or will be able to provide it for you quickly.

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        Click to dial

        Want to improve your outbound call efficiency? With ‘click to dial’ calls can be made at the click of a button or web link.

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        Virtual office

        Need that ability to be reached from a single number wherever you are? Noakes combines find-me | follow-me, IVR, voicemail and other features to provide tailored virtual office solutions.

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        Call recording

        Need to ensure that some or all of your calls are recorded? The Noakes platform allows easy call recording and retrieval.

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        Need a simple front-of-house entry IVR or something bigger? Noakes has a completely customisable IVR engine that we tailor to your needs.

      • voicemail-icon


        Want a voicemail platform that doesn’t cost the earth and doesn’t need housing somewhere? By combining our IVR, call-recording and email capabilities we’ve provided tailored voicemail solutions for a number of customers.

      • messaging-icon


        Does your service need to send SMS or other instant messages? We can integrate messaging into your existing platform or combine it with our telephony services as part of complete communications solution.

      • conference-icon


        Need to provide conferencing services for your customers? The Noakes’ platform can provide conferencing capability ‘out-of-the-box’.

Features as standard


  • connectivity-icon


    Do you have existing IP telephony connections or need new ones? We can either use your existing infrastructure or provide you with new phone numbers.

  • privacy-icon


    Worried about sharing space in the cloud with others? Every Noakes customer is given their own private space within the Noakes cloud; we don’t mix customers on the same platform.

  • seamless-comm-icon


    Want to be able to combine voice, instant-messaging, email? As we tailor every customer’s solution we can combine different elements in any way you can imagine; you think it, we’ll build it..

  • security-icon


    Worried about interception or hacking? Need encrypted communications? We can provide secure voice communications via our platform and also provide secure mobile solutions for those on the move.

  • integration-icon

    Back-office integration

    Do you have existing business systems that would need integrating with? A large number of our customers do and we pride ourselves on always being able to tailor our automated services to be able to operate with yours.

I have worked with Noakes since 2011 for two different organisations across a number of projects. Simply put, they get it. Great innovators – always listening to client requirements and delivering above expectations.

Sunny Singh – Executive Advisor and Board Member - Avert

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