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SpeakServe transformed the landscape of the Conferencing market 10 years ago with, as part of the NewVoiceMedia (NVM) Group of companies, the first web based Pay as You Go service. The ‘reservationless’ service was made available at a fraction of the then current market price.

SpeakServe now has hundreds of clients including major national Retailers, Utilities, Universities, as well as Financial, Legal and PR companies, to name but a few sectors. The SpeakServe system is also re-sold by major International Telco’s and other specialist vendors.

Jonathan Grant, Managing Director of SpeakServe “Noakes are a world class technology company that we have worked with for several years to help build the advantage we have in what is an exceptionally competitive market.”

Solution requirements

SpeakServe wanted to move away from their hardware-based conferencing platform to a software only system, preferably cloud-based. The main objective being to reduce costs – both in terms of calls but also in terms of managing the system.

The new conferencing system needed to be capable of handling multi-party conference calls of up to 300 callers and provide a number of features to aid the organisation and management of the conference whilst in progress, including music on hold, IVR, DTMF detection (to recognise PINs), voice recording (my name is), whole call recording, lecture mode and mute. In addition they wished to maintain BT as their service provider. This latter point precluded the use a number of alternative cloud telephony platforms on the market, whose price per minute included service provision.

The pricing structure was also important. To aid budgeting they were looking to agree a set monthly fee, rather than commit to a price per minute model, which was the market norm.

SpeakServe turned to Noakes both for their expertise in building and managing telephony platforms, but also their commercial strategy and flexible approach to handling bespoke requirements.

Simon Millard, Managing Director at Noakes commented, “We’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with SpeakServe”. Simon continued, “Their strategy dovetails perfectly with that of Noakes’ bespoke development and ‘all you can eat’ managed, cloud-based services”.

The Cloud-based conferencing platform

Noakes designed, developed and now maintain the telephony solution for SpeakServe, which allows customers to create, invite, record, analyse, view, and replay their calls. These conferencing capabilities have been integrated into the SpeakServe web portal and app, which offers Screen Sharing, Chat and Call Recording – transforming the user experience and remove the frustrations of traditional conference calls! In addition, whilst Noakes have partnerships with a number of service providers, it also permitted the use of SpeakServe’s existing contract with BT. 

Cloud-based system

The system is installed within the Amazon EC2 cloud and managed by Noakes on an on-going basis. SpeakServe simply pays a fixed ‘all you can eat’ monthly fee, to handle all the conference calls that customers generate – Noakes handles the rest.

Moving forward

Following the success of this project SpeakServe has already commissioned Noakes to assist with the development of a control API for their conferencing bridge to facilitate deep integration within the SpeakServe web-meeting platform. This API allows for the seamless integration of the traditional PSTN and web-based communications technology.

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