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Voice broadcasting services

Voice Broadcasting is a simple and effective technique that broadcasts a pre-recorded message simultaneously to hundreds or thousands of people via the telephone.

Voice broadcasting services are deployed for a number of commercial and social reasons by businesses, government agencies and charities – including surveys, emergency response, information, marketing, etc.

Noakes supports all the features required to run and manage a voice broadcasting service or mass calling platform.

Bespoke voice broadcasting platform development

Whether you are looking to switch your current voice broadcasting platform provider or are looking to launch a new service, we will scope out exactly what you require from a voice broadcasting service and build accordingly. We can integrate a wide mix of telephony capabilities into a fully featured voice broadcasting service.



  • Outbound
  • DTMF
  • Playback
  • Call transfer
  • Customizable/branded
  • Voice prompts
  • TTS
  • Message recording
Any essential features missing from the list? The Noakes engine has been designed to handle a diverse set of telephony tasks – just let us know what you need!

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