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VoIP security

Whilst Voice over IP (VoIP), is now mainstream, ensuring VoIP communications are secure has many challenges – whether you are running it as an application over the internet or privately within the enterprise.

Noakes has worked with a variety of customers to provide simple and cost-effective solutions to a range of VoIP security challenges.

Whether you are looking to avoid toll fraud or secure your calls against hostile interception we will scope out exactly what you require and build accordingly.

Solutions overview


Secure SIP

Our engine can encrypt calls using the industry standard SIPS (SIP over TLS), and SRTP (AES encrypted RTP)

Toll Fraud

Many instances of toll fraud occur through hacking of a customer’s PBX or Voicemail platforms to allow an inbound call to make a corresponding outbound call. Working with our industry-leading partner, we can detect such ‘looped’ calls and either raise a warning or automatically disconnect the calls in addition to adding them to a blacklist.

Session Border Controller

Traditional Session Border Controllers provide little in the way of actual call security; by combining Noakes’ security feature, with SBC functionality, we can create enhanced protection for you voice network.

Want to ensure you calls are secure? Noakes has a number of solutions to fit a range of telephony platforms and call scenarios.

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